Back To School Tips For Preschool Parents: 9 Ways To Help Your Child Settle In

The countdown to school begun! The first day can often be mixed with anxiety and enjoyment for both parents and children. However, your child may still be too anxious to leave you for their first day back at preschool. It is important to learn how to get ready for school after a break, especially when dealing with these emotions. In this article, we will be reviewing a few of the best back to school tips for preschool parents. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

Warm Your Child Up To School

kids in a class drawing
Get your kids ready for school activities

One of the best ways to help your child settle back into school is to have them visit the school a few days before their first day. Most preschools have visiting days, so your child can explore the school with the comfort of their parents. This is also a good time to discuss their first day and talk to their new teachers.

Start Their School Routine

Summer schedules are much different than the school schedules. There’s no doubt you can start early to get you and your child back in the habit of things. This means getting up earlier and going to bed early as well. This will help get your child adjusted to their school schedule, with a less toll on their bodies than not preparing at all.

Make A Special Goodbye Ritual

There’s no doubt your child will be upset when you leave them at school for the first time. You can develop a special goodbye routine with your child to make it more fun! Try the following: Kiss hug, wave goodbye. High five and blow each other a kiss. Leave notes in your child’s backpack for them to find throughout the day.

Leave Quickly

In their first year of preschool, you may have stayed with them longer during school days to make sure they’re comfortable. This year won’t be the same. Instead, you should say goodbye and promptly leave. Soon enough, you child will realize this is what separation is like and they will get used to it. The longer you stay, the harder it will be for both of you.

Talk To The Staff

You should talk to the preschool staff and offer as much information as possible about your child. They’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Discuss your child’s allergies, dislikes, likes, sleeping habits, bathroom training progress, etc. This can be one of the most crucial back to school tips for preschool parents.

Don’t Try To Sneak Out

Leaving preschool without saying goodbye to your child will almost always lead to crying or a meltdown. This can sometimes cause your child to develop poor separation habits. Instead of making your child feeling tricked, simply tell them that you will be back shortly. Make sure your child is comfortable before you leave and say goodbye to each other.

Help Your Child Make Friends

If your child is new to the preschool or doesn’t know anyone in their class, arrange a time to meet up with other parents before their first day of school. This way, your child can make new friends and become familiar with people in their class. Not to mention, you can friend new parents as well.

Discuss Preschool Together

parent talking to child about preschool
Talk to your child about preschool

One of the best back to school ideas for parents is not to make preschool a surprise to your child. Listen to any concerns your child has about school and answer as many questions as you can. You should both discuss what your they want to get out of preschool and what kind of activities they will be doing all day. This is a great bonding exercise for you and your child and will make the transition all the more enjoyable.

Purchase Preschool Supplies

Want to make your child even more anticipated of their preschool year? Go shopping with your child for new preschool supplies. A new backpack, new clothes, or other supplies will get their school year off to a great start.

If you child’s school has a supplies list you should also make sure you buy everything off that list for their first day of preschool. However, if they don’t, look on the school’s website to find any necessities they should bring.

Preschool is such an exciting time for parents and children alike. Make sure you as a parent can help your child settle in better by using the tips for preschool students mentioned above. Remember, the more you help make your child more comfortable in their new school setting, the better they will thrive. If you are looking for a trustworthy preschool in Justin, be sure to contact us today!

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