Cool Places To Visit In Burleson Texas With Your Preschooler

cool places to visit with your preschoolerBurleson is a relatively small but amazing town in Texas. It is a friendly, safe and pleasant community great for families with kids. Whether you are a local or a tourist in Burleson, you’ll love your experience here. Everyone is friendly, there are plenty of shopping and dining options and fun recreational activities. If you are visiting Burleson for the first time and need ideas on what to explore in the city, here’s a list of some of the cool places to visit with your preschooler.

Pirates Cove Fun Zone

Pirates Cove Fun Zone should be your destination if you want to beat the scorching heat on a summer day in Texas. This outdoor waterpark features amenities that your young children will enjoy. They have the lazy river, waterslides, a pirate’s island with secret passages, and some exciting pool games. They also have 4 major slides that even adults will love. There’s also an indoor playground if your children want to make the most of their time playing with other kids in the park.

The Art Barn Studio

If your preschooler is into making arts and crafts, bring them to the Art Barn Studio. The Art Barn Studio is a creative studio that offers different workshops, DIY projects, painting activities and a lot more. One of their highlights is the Paint-your-own-pottery section that children and adults both enjoy. Bring your kids to this creative studio and let them channel their inner artist and express their creativity as they make their custom creations.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kids is also a fun place to visit in Burleson with your children. Here they can learn while they play and build with LEGO bricks. They also get to experience a one-of-a-kind environment that isn’t anything like other indoor playgrounds. They have specially designed project kits that provide a unique approach to educational play. Bricks 4 Kidz is indeed an ideal place for little ones to have fun while they engage in activities that will let them practice their creativity and curiosity.

Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is a great place for a whole day of family fun. They have a splash pad, as well as a playground where kids can play to their hearts’ content. The park is conducive to several activities and games that you can play with the entire family. If you want to spend a day of quality time and bonding with your kids, this is one of the best places to do that in Burleson.

Urban Air Trampoline Park

Most of the guests at Urban Air Trampoline Park visit the place for the toddler jump. That’s because the park is safe and kid-friendly and it offers different areas designed for children of all ages. There are always new and fun things to do. It’s also one of those places where the whole family can enjoy playing and jumping. Urban Air Trampoline Park is also an excellent place for parties and events. So, if you are celebrating an occasion in Burleson, consider doing it at this awesome park.

Going Apes

Going Apes is a jungle-themed amusement park where you can find life-size animal replicas. It’s quite unique and different from other amusement parks because it feels like you are in a zoo. It features many exciting, yet safe and kid-friendly rides, as well as several inflatable areas. There’s also an arcade section, open jump activities and a food court where you can grab a bite and some drinks. Going Apes offers many enjoyable activities for everyone, so it’s an ideal place to spend a weekend.

Mansfield Historical Museum And Heritage Center

If you want to discover the rich history and culture of Burleson, you should visit Mansfield Historical Museum and Heritage Center. The museum is located inside a historical building. The atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. You can even find vintage elevators in the building. Overall, this is an interesting and educational place to bring your children and the whole family when you’re in Burleson.

There’s so much more to Burleson than many people realize.  The places on this list offer not only fun and enjoyment but also great learning experiences for your kids. If you are looking for a preschool that values your child’s education, please consider our Burleson preschool.

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