How We Take Care Of The WHOLE Child At Our Christian Preschool And Daycare

When you choose an early education center for your child — whether it’s a Christian preschool or secular — what’s most important to you? If you say, “a place that will keep my child safe,” we completely understand. After all, the reason you take your child to an early education center instead of, say, leaving them at home all day, is that you’re looking for a place they can be so that they aren’t injured.

But a child isn’t just a body, as we’re sure you know. In fact, while our bodies are very important to us, none of us is just a body. When you are looking for a preschool or daycare center in the Fort Worth area, you are looking for some place that will watch over your entire child. Today we’re going to look at the ways in which our Christian preschool watches out for your child on a daily basis.

Physically / Environmentally

Let’s start off with the most obvious, the one we’ve already started talking about. We know that you want your child to be in the same condition when you pick them up as when you dropped them off! Our facilities are designed with security in mind so that your child remains in the building, away from traffic and other dangers. Our secure buildings also ensure that only authorized people are let into the building in the first place.

How else does Kid’s Kampus protect your child’s physical well-being? It all starts with our seven facilities in the Fort Worth area (three in Burleson, one each in Euless, Colleyville, Bedford, and Justin). Each campus is designed to accommodate the needs of little ones, whether it’s the age-appropriate furniture or kid-size toilets. Choking hazards are kept away from infants and toddlers, and kids are always playing with toys that are right for them. Proper playground equipment is also an important aspect of keeping children safe at all times. We make sure that kids are playing on age-appropriate equipment and always keep an eye out for rough play.

Can absolutely every danger be eliminated? Parents and teachers alike know that the answer is obviously no. There will be scrapes, there will be bruises. But we do everything we can in order to reduce those minor injuries as much as possible.


While kids are growing up physically, they’re also growing emotionally just as quickly. And just as kids are gaining physical coordination, they’re also learning to control their emotions…or not! We don’t have to tell you that a child’s emotions can be all over the place, no matter whether they’re an infant, toddler, or preschooler.

Part of being a teacher is to help children through these emotional times. We’ll help them control their emotions and respond to situations at the proper emotional level. Much of that involves helping children figure out how to work with the other children at our Christian daycare, doing our best to mitigate any problems that arise with your child or others in this setting.

Of course, we’ll also help protect children emotionally. We’ll make sure that they’re having a fun time while they’re with us, and that they’re feeling loved. We’ll be spending a lot of time with your child, so we should be able to notice if they’re acting different emotionally.


While nannies are great up to a point, there comes a time when it just makes a lot more sense to send a child to a preschool or daycare center. Social interaction is a huge part of growth, because kids weren’t meant to grow up in a bubble of just a couple other kids. It also puts them in contact with adults on a regular basis, those who aren’t their parents.

When placed in a classroom with many other children, socialization just happens naturally. Of course, problems can arise when personalities clash or the desire for a particular toy gets in the way. That’s when we can step in and help children grow socially, letting them know why it’s important to get along and why it’s important to share.

Of course, that’s easy to do when we have very important Biblical rules we can point to about being kind to each other. And that brings us to…


In most circumstances, preschools and daycare centers can’t really point to anything specific when it comes to spirituality. They might say, “Yeah, we help a child spiritually.” “How?” <crickets>

Spiritually isn’t so nebulous at Kid’s Kampus preschool. That’s because we’re a Christian preschool, meaning that we can help guide kids in a very spiritual direction. We can point out the reasons they’re loved by God and the good things He does for them. We can help to resolve issues with other children by pointing to Biblical truths. Posters, decorations, and crafts are a great way to help them grow spiritually and instills lifelong interest in God.


As a parent, you want your child to learn. Daycare isn’t just a place to keep kids during the day; it’s a place where they should be learning.

We’re ready to teach! We have the staff in place that ensures kids will learn everything they need in order to move onto their next stage of mental development. Infants have their own type of teaching that’s separate from toddler teaching, which in itself is separate from preschool. At every level, children are encouraged to learn — often by playing — in ways that will further their mental development. Whether it’s learning letters and numbers, singing songs, learning sign language, or heading outside to learn about how God put the world together, we’ll be fostering every child’s mental development every day.

We’ll Take Care Of The Whole Child!

At Kid’s Kampus Preschool, we’re so much more than just a place to drop children off every morning. We’re an early education center, and we take that job very seriously.

We’d love to show you exactly how it all works, and taking a tour of one of our seven Fort Worth-area preschools is the best way to do it. Click here to schedule an appointment or ask us questions!

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