Is It Worth The Extra Drive To Send Your Kids To A Christian Daycare?

When most people start searching for a preschool or daycare center for their children, one of the first searches that they type in will be something like “daycare near me” or “preschool near me.” Those two little words following their search — “near me” — are very telling. It says that one of the most important criteria in a parent’s mind is the location of the early childhood education center.

We understand that, we honestly do. Having a preschool or daycare nearby can make commute times easier on the family, and that’s why most parents are interested in their daycare center being as close to their home — or work — as possible.

But what if a parent is looking for a Christian preschool? There are fewer Christian preschools and daycare facilities than there are secular ones, so there’s a much better chance that they’ll find more options when it comes to non-faith-based child care. Should they choose a secular daycare over a Christian one, just because the Christian one that is a little bit farther out of the way? We don’t think so. Let’s take a quick look at a few reasons that a parent might decide to take a little extra time to make the drive to a Christian private preschool or daycare.

We’re Not Talking About A Taco!

Okay, we admit that’s a strange heading, but it will make sense in a second.

Every month in this country more than 600,000 web searches are performed for “Mexican food near me.” During that same time, only about 6,000 searches are done for “good Mexican food near me.” That means 100 times more people are interested in just getting some food instead of actually enjoying it! Still, people know that a single meal isn’t such a big deal. If they don’t get good Mexican food this time, maybe they’ll find something that tastes better next time.

But when it comes to the early childhood education facility with whom you’re leaving your children every day, you shouldn’t compromise and think “I’ll just send my kid to the right preschool next time.” It’s a very important decision that could affect your child’s rearing, so we beg you not to take it lightly.

When you make a search, make sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Yes, you can find preschools closer, but if you really want a Christian preschool for your child, make sure that your searches are looking well beyond one that’s merely closest.

Kids Learn About God

Religious teaching isn’t really something you want to put on the back burner. If you believe that teaching kids about God is the right thing to do, then bringing them to a Christian preschool every workday is the right choice to make. We make God a part of their daily lives, and are able to guide them and resolve problems based on biblical principles. We believe that certainly makes it worth a little extra drive.

Kids Get Excited About God!

One of the most heartwarming aspects of sending your child to a Christian preschool is how excited they get about God. Because they’re in biblically-based surroundings every day — posters, songs, curricula, and art projects — they’re constantly learning about God and what he’s done for them.

How does this relate to your commute to our Christian daycare center? Well, it’s a lot more fun! Kids will be excited to tell you everything they’ve learned from the day, to sing songs in the car, and show you the art that they created.

Teaching Morals Means Better Home Time

We’re not saying “send your child to Christian daycare and they’ll never do anything bad again.” We live in a sinful world, and kids who attend our early childhood education center can have bad days on which they’ll rebel against teachers and get into disagreements with the other children. The difference is that, as a Christian preschool, we’re able to correct them with biblical principles and tell them very specific reasons — including Bible verses — as to why they shouldn’t act in that particular way.

This doesn’t just affect kids while they’re here with us. You might spend a few more minutes in the car during the commute to a Christian preschool, but in the end, we’ll bet that you get more quality time at home. Kids who spend their time with us know that they’re supposed to respect their caregivers, and that means doing so with their parents when they get home. That might just mean that you have a helper with the dishes, a child who will clean up their room when they’re told, and one who will go to bed when you tell them to.

Seven Locations Means More Choices!

We really want you to send your child to a Christian preschool, even if it’s not ours. But if you do choose Kid’s Kampus, we have some good news for you…driving out of the way for a Christian preschool isn’t as likely when there are seven locations to choose from in the Fort Worth area! Kid’s Kampus has three preschools in Burleson (on Renfro, Summercrest, and Vicksburg), and one each in Justin, Euless, Colleyville, and Bedford.

How Important Is A Christian Preschool For You?

We hope it’s very important. After all, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Whether we welcome your child at six weeks old for our Christian daycare program or if they’re here at age four for our Christian preschool, the children in our care will learn a little bit about God every day.

Making the decision on which daycare or preschool to send your child to is a big one, and we highly recommend taking a tour of your top choices. We’d love to meet you and your kids, to show you exactly what Kid’s Kampus can offer. Click here to contact us and schedule a tour at the location that works best for your family!

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