What To Consider When Picking A Christian Preschool

If you’ve decided to send your child to a Christian preschool — one that models church values to kids on a daily basis — then a big part of your search is over. Now that you’ve decided on a religious environment for your child, your search parameters have been reduced so that you no longer have to consider early education centers with a more secular bent.

But even though your selection has been honed a bit more when you choose to search for “Christian preschools near me,” there are still a fair amount of choices here in the Fort Worth area. You still have a tough decision to make.

How do you decide on which Christian daycare or school to send your child to? Here’s some advice from Kid’s Kampus, because we know Christian childcare!

Do They Believe What You Believe?

Choosing to send your child to a Christian early education center might have been an easy decision, but finding one that caters to your particular beliefs might be a bit more difficult. After all, the childcare center will often spend as much time with your child during the week as you will, so they’ll have quite an influence on what your child believes.

As you’re vetting Christian preschools, it can be difficult to find one that matches everything you believe and want taught to your children. It’s probably best to find a preschool that keeps the message as simple as possible for kids. When we answer kids’ questions about religion, giving a broad answer is usually the best course of action.

Of course, you could send your child to your church’s preschool, if they have one. After all, you know that their teachings will match your beliefs. But there are quite a few problems with that…

Are Church Preschools A Good Idea?

We’re glad that church preschools daycare centers are around. Not only does it give some parents the perfect place to put their child in daycare, but it offers some healthy competition for us!

Unfortunately, church daycares have their share of problems. For instance, many of the daycare rooms are mixed-use, meaning that they’ll be filled with the germs of kids from Sunday school as well. Being part of a church that’s open for other activities means that there will be more traffic to deal with, as well as more people going in and out of the building who don’t have anything to do with daycare.

Do They Care For The Entire Child?

Daycare means caring for the whole child, not just their physical wellbeing. In this blog we detailed how important it is for a daycare or preschool to care for the whole child. That means watching over them emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively, and, of course, spiritually.

When you are deciding on a daycare center, make sure that it’s not just a place for kids to spend the day; make sure they’re getting something out of it. Similarly, if you’re looking for a preschool center, make sure that there’s actually schooling going on.

Is It Nearby?

While we do believe that’s it worth driving a bit farther in order to get to a Christian preschool, we also know that you might have to pick the one that’s closest to your house. Yes, we can tell you all about our seven locations, but if there’s a Christian preschool within a block of you, you’ll probably pick that one.

Now, let us tell you about our seven locations! That’s because, with our many daycare and preschool facilities, it’s much more likely that it’s us who’s close by. Kid’s Kampus has three locations in Burleson (on Vicksburg, Renfro, and Summercrest). We also have campuses in Justin, Euless, and Colleyville.

Have You Taken A Tour Yet?

Once you have narrowed your choices in preschools and daycares down to a few, we think it’s very important for you to visit each. This might take a bit of time, but visiting them will be very important in helping decide if you — and your child — are comfortable there. You’ll get to see the staff, learn about security measures, and find out if a particular preschool “just feels right.” If you’re interested in visiting one of the Kid’s Campus Preschool facilities, just click here and we’ll get you set up with a tour.

Ready To Make A Decision?

We’re a Christian preschool center because we believe it’s an excellent idea to keep God in front of kids every day, and we highly recommend finding a preschool that satisfies a child’s spiritual needs. We know that deciding on a Christian preschool can be difficult, so we hope the advice in this blog has shed some light on the most important aspects of what to look for in a Christian preschool and daycare center.

We’d really like it if you considered Kid’s Kampus as your child’s daycare center or preschool. We’ll watch out for them in every way, and we will hopefully see you in one of our early education centers soon.

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