Why It’s Great Working For A Christian Preschool At Easter

We hate to brag, but it’s pretty great working for Kid’s Kampus Preschool. While this isn’t a blog trying to convince people to apply to become a teacher with us, we have to admit that there are a few big advantages to working at a Christian preschool and daycare center. This is especially around Easter and Christmas at our seven Fort Worth area early education centers, because we can celebrate the seasons and keep the importance of those holidays in kids’ minds. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that we can make the most of these important Christian holidays.

Teaching Our Christian Values

Here’s the first advantage of being a private company that makes its religious affiliation obvious!

At Kid’s Kampus, we can teach the kids all about Easter and why we celebrate it. After all, Easter is the most important holiday to Christians, even though Christmas gets considerably more attention. We don’t have to label it “spring break” or something similar, and can let your kids know all about the time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. When Easter has passed, we can even remind kids of the 40 days that Jesus spent on Earth.

One of the best parts about Easter is the season in which it occurs because we can incorporate so much of what’s going on outside — the new life in the plants and animals — and relate it to Jesus coming back to life.

Decorating With Religious Themes

Decoration is a huge part of every school experience, from daycare all the way through high school. But there’s no doubt that it plays a huge part in preschool classrooms. At our Christian preschool, we can decorate with all of the Easter themes we want. We’re certainly happy that we don’t have to restrict ourselves to just flowers and bunnies!


Craft time is one of the most fun parts of the day for most kids, but only at a Christian preschool can we use it as a time for spiritual teaching. While not every craft project has to have a religious theme, we are certainly glad that we don’t have to limit ourselves when it comes to crafts that have an Easter theme.

Playing The Music, Singing The Songs

When we play Easter or Christmas songs at our Christian daycare and preschool, we don’t have to avoid the songs that have religious themes. While secular preschools might have to curate their playlist to remove any references to the birth of Christ or the Resurrection, we’re more than happy to embrace these songs as part of your child’s Christian education.

Holiday Greetings

While there’s no War on Christmas, most of us have found ourselves in situations where we weren’t quite sure of how to greet someone out in public. Do you wish the bank teller a Happy Easter on the Saturday before? Do you say Merry Christmas to a roomful of businessmen who might be from many faiths? (Some of you would say “yes” and “yes” to both of those, but you see what we mean.)

Here at our Christian preschool, that’s not something we really have to second guess ourselves on. When you’re picking your child up from our early education center, you’re very likely to hear Merry Christmas or Happy Easter at the appropriate time of the year.

Happy Easter!

If you’re looking for a preschool or daycare center that’s not afraid to put its best Christian foot forward, we hope you’ll choose Kid’s Kampus Preschool. We have seven facilities in the Fort Worth area, including Euless, Justin, Burleson, Bedford, and Colleyville. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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