7 Tips For Settling Kids Into Preschool

preschool child with parent
Talk to your child about how fun preschool is

When a child grows to the age of 3 or 4, parents get to decide if they will let their child start preschool . This is a huge change for both the child and the parents. There may be struggles with separation anxiety at first, but both parent and child will adjust to this new environment.

In this article, we have listed six tips to help your kids settle into preschool. Read on!

Start Talking To Them About Preschool

Long before you take your kids to preschool, start talking to them about how school works. Talk to them about who they will meet in this new place and what they will possibly be doing. Talk to your child about the exciting things they can learn in preschool and the other children they are going to meet.

When you talk to them about school, talk to them in a positive manner. Make the school sound as enjoyable and exciting as you can so that they will be enticed when the first day comes.

Visit The School With Them

Introduce your child to the school that they will be going to. Take them to visit their soon-to-be classroom weeks before the school starts. This will get them familiar with the new surroundings and help them get used to the environment. Introduce them to the preschool teachers who will be taking care of them when school starts, too. Visiting school before classes start will definitely help children settle into preschool smoothly .

Let Them Bring Their Comfort Object

If a child has something at home that they are very attached to, let them bring that object to school. This will help the child feel safe and secure. The object your child loves may be a teddy bear, or a soft pillow, or a small blanket. Whichever it is, this object will remind them of home and will give them the sense of safety and comfort by having it with them.

Read To Them

Before bedtime, read books to them about children starting preschool. Read them stories about the fun adventures kids could experience in school. There are a lot of children’s books  available, just find the one that your children will enjoy listening to.

Help Them Make Friends In School

preschool friends playing
Encourage your children to make friends in preschool

If a child has been cooped up at home without having other children to play with, they may feel overwhelmed when they start daycare. In a new preschool, your child may not know many children. Talk to other parents and arrange a small play-date before school starts. This will give the children time to play and get to know each other.

Say Your Goodbyes And Don’t Look Back

When it comes  time to leave them at preschool and say goodbye, it’s  hard not to drag out the exit. Explain in a nice way that you need to go for the time being and will be back once the class is over to pick them up. After saying goodbye, walk away and don’t look back. It’s harder for both parent and child if farewells are dragged out. This will just make the separation longer and it will become harder.

Have Good Communication

Talk to the preschool teachers and ask them how your kid is settling and adjusting in the new environment. Let the children see that you have a good relationship with the caregivers. A child will trust the people whom their parents also trust. Ask the teachers for any tips to ease the separation. Some schools have animal pets in their yard, this can provide a good distraction for kids. The goodbyes will come easy as they will be preoccupied with something exciting in school.

Preschool is a great way to start a child’s education. This is a life-changing moment, as well as a milestone, in both the parent’s and child’s lives. A preschool will have the benefits that home can’t offer. Choose a preschool in Euless that will suit your child’s needs. Research and help your child with the transition using the tips listed above.

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