Release Of Children

Children Are Only Released To Individuals On The Authorized Pick Up List

If the person picking up is not the child’s parent or guardian, photo identification will be double-checked against the authorized pick up list, copied, and placed in the student’s file.


For your child’s protection, he/she must be left with a staff member and signed in by the accompanying adult. Please stop at the kiosk by the front door and sign your child in/out each time you arrive at the center. If you are in need of help at the kiosk, please see the director.
To allow someone else to pick up your child, you may leave a signed note with the name and phone number of the authorized pick up person with the staff or call the center. (You may be asked for an ID number.) Unrecognized persons will be asked for a picture ID for verification.


When your child is absent, we worry about them. Please call us early in the morning or let us know in advance why your child is absent.