Myths About Christian Preschools We’d Like To Dispel

It seems that no matter what industry or occupation a person is in, misconceptions follow. That’s as true in schooling as it is anywhere else, where people often here wrong information and pass it along as fact. No matter whether you’re talking about a public school or a private Christian preschool like us, myths will follow.

Today we’re going to discuss some of the myths about Christian preschools and daycare centers that we just can’t seem to get away from. With some of them, we can understand where they came from. With others, they’re completely out of left field. Do you believe any of these mistruths that Christian early education centers and other levels of Christian education?

MYTH: It’s Boring

When some people hear the words “Christian preschool,” they might imagine kids reading the Bible all day long and singing hymns. Then the kids read the Bible some more and sing some more hymns.

Trust us, attending a Christian daycare center and preschool is a lot more fun than that! Yes, we’ll be singing songs, but they’re upbeat and fun. We’ll be using the Bible, but they’re age-appropriate versions that have colorful pictures that the kids love.

Of course, we’re not talking about the Bible every second of the day. There are many fun books we read and songs we sing, animals to draw and crafts to make. There’s outside time and quiet time. And while not everything the kids do is Biblically based, it’s always nice to bring every activity around to God if the situation presents itself.

The best way to find out just how fun our Christian preschool can be for your child is to schedule a tour at one of our seven campuses. You’ll see just how exciting it can all be!

MYTH: Christian Schools Aren’t As Academically Rigorous

Here’s one of the myths that bugs us most, that Christian education isn’t as good as one that a child would get at a public school. This just isn’t true, and in fact kids who attend religious-based schools are often academically more advanced than their secular counterparts. This seems to be true at every level, whether we’re talking preschool, elementary school, middle school, or high school.

Trust us, Christian preschools of our size are able to offer kids everything they need to learn by the time they reach kindergarten. We have a staff trained to help kids make the most of their preschool years, as we employ the latest teaching methods and materials. We’re state-of-the-art, and we’re Christian!

And it’s not just the curricula that has to be taken into account. Christian schools offer advantages that secular schools simply don’t. For instance, a teacher might be able to keep better order in a class by having Biblical principles to point to. (“We should get along because of our Christian love for each other” or “We share our toys because the Bible wants us to share with others.” Others suggest that prayer calms the mind, much like meditation does, and allows kids to absorb teachings better.

MYTH: Children Have A Hard Time Entering Public Schools

Many parents fear the change from a Christian preschool to a public kindergarten will be difficult for their child. After all, their children started in a teaching environment that focused on God on a daily basis, and they’re afraid of how they’ll interact with teachers and students in a secular environment.

It’s important to remember that, as long as a child leaves a Christian preschool and starts kindergarten in a public school at the same time in the fall as all of the other kids, they’ll be surrounded by children who are pretty much in the same boat. At that age, children will be coming from far and wide to their first year of public schooling, so while some kids might know each other from the neighborhood or a previous preschool, most of them won’t know each other and will be just as interested in finding a friend as your child is.

There’s one other thing to keep in mind. Just because the kids in your child’s kindergarten didn’t go to Kid’s Kampus Preschool doesn’t mean that they will bother your child for being a Christian. They may go to church every Sunday, attended a different Christian preschool, or even have attended one of the other six Kid’s Kampus Preschool locations in Burleson, Euless, Colleyville, or Justin. We’re sure your child will still be in good Christian company.

If there will ever be a time when children have a slight disadvantage moving from a Christian school into a private one, it’s at the middle school level. Public middle school kids tend to have pretty tight-knit groups and might not be so accepting of kids moving into their territory, so the transition could be a little rougher. But everything kids from Christian schools learn — treating others with kindness, helping others, showing resilience — can help them make friends easily in their new environment. Plus, teachers love kids who are coming from Christian preschools because they’re so attentive (and usually some of the best students!)

MYTH: We Have A Bias Against Science

Science and Christianity are seldom at odds. Yes, much of Christianity disagrees with what scientists say on a couple of subjects (seriously, it’s only about two subjects), but to say that Christianity is against science is a gross overstatement. Unfortunately, some nefarious people have come along and tried to separate Christians from scientists who are doing beneficial work.

To put it simply, God made science. God put the world together in a specific way, and we come along and figure some of it out. When done right, what we figure out makes life better for us and our worldwide neighbors, so teaching kids about the basics of science — and getting them interested in it at a young age — is an important part of shaping their future. Children of today will be the adults of the future who help make new medicines, protect the water supply, and create safer means of transportation.

Finding out how God’s world works is a big part of the work and play we do here at Kid’s Kampus Preschool. Why does the tower fall when you remove certain blocks? How is a crayon making marks? Why does the ball come back when you throw it against the wall? Even if kids are having fun (and they do have fun with us every day), there are always opportunities to learn about science and the way that God has set things up.

Did You Believe Any Of These Myths?

It can be easy to believe the myths and misconceptions you’ve read above, so we hope we’ve put your mind at ease regarding some of them. We certainly don’t want you to avoid a Christian school because of false information that’s gotten around!

Do you have any other questions about Christian preschools? Maybe you’ve heard something negative about them that has turned you off to the notions of sending your kids to one. If so, we’d love to talk with you and let you know if it’s a valid concern or something that just isn’t true. The best thing to do is contact us and set up and appointment for a tour. You can ask all the questions you want and find out if it’s the right place for your child. We look forward to hearing from you!

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