Top 4 Reasons People Are Choosing Our Preschool

We’ve said it before and there’s no doubt we’ll say it again: Choosing the right preschool for your child is a big deal. If the perfect preschool is right around the corner from your home, then it’s very likely you’ll pick it…unless there’s an even better preschool just a bit farther away!

The fact is, while some parents just search for “preschools near me,” others are a bit more discerning. They’re looking for something special in a preschool. Sometimes it’s the teachers, sometimes the philosophy, sometimes the safety and playfulness of it…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s take a look at a few of the primary reasons that parents are choosing our preschools in Burleson, Justin, Euless, and Colleyville.

Age-Appropriate Learning

Just as one-room schoolhouses used to be the norm, so did one-room daycares. In fact, there are some very small (usually home-based) daycare centers that still exist, catering to kids from the very young all the way through preschool. Unfortunately, these types of preschools aren’t really teaching preschools, so much as they are “places to keep your kids while you’re at work.”

A daycare and preschool should have a plan, a pedagogy in place to help children make the most of their most formative years. At Kid’s Kampus, we have three distinct age groups so that kids are getting the proper type of teaching considering how old they are. Infant care (six-weeks to 18 months old), toddler care (18-months to 35 months old), and preschool (36 months to kindergarten).

While children of all ages can get along, having them separated ensures that each group of kids is able to get the specific teaching methods that studies show benefit them most. And if you ask yourself “isn’t such teaching a little early for such young children?”, then it’s important to remember that most kids don’t even realize that they’re being taught when it happens in such a…

Fun Environment

“Learning through play” is a common phrase used in teaching young children. Children learn so much about the world around them when they interact with it. What happens when you kick a ball toward the wall? What happens if you stack the block tower too high? Kids are constantly learning by doing, and much of the time their “doing” comes in the form of play. We have the right learning tools and toys that are just the right age for kids. Sometimes we’ll guide them, other times we’ll just let them explore.

There’s also just straight-up fun, of course! Our playgrounds (and our gyms in some locations) give children the opportunity to get out and have some good-old-fashioned fun on the equipment. And don’t tell them this, but they’re learning outside as well!

A Safe Environment

Safety is, of course, a huge deal at our Fort Worth area preschools. We know that you’re entrusting the safety of your child to us every time you drop them off. Trust us, we take that responsibility very seriously.

It’s impossible to prevent every little accident that can occur at a daycare or preschool, but we do everything we can to keep your child safe. That means protecting them physically by watching them closely during indoor and outdoor activities. It means reducing choking hazards and employing CPR-certified teachers. It also means providing a secure building so that only verified adults are let in.

We also remember that safety isn’t just about physical protection, but also about emotional protection. We won’t tolerate any sort of bullying at our school, and do our best to make sure kids get along as much as possible. Not only can we encourage them to interact amiably because society wants them to; we can also bring what the Bible says about it to the table. And that leads us to the final important reason that parents choose us as the place to bring their children every work day.

We’re A Christian Preschool

There are many reasons people want to send their child to a Christian preschool. Sometimes it’s because the parents want to encourage Christian values even if the family doesn’t attend church. Other families attend church regularly but want their children to be immersed in a Christian environment on a daily basis, not just on Sundays.

At Kid’s Kampus, we know how important it is to bring kids up in a Christian setting. We’re proud to say that our teachers and staff are excellent role models for the kids, and we always keep in mind the fact that Jesus told us to take care of children.

Is Kid’s Kampus Right For You?

Even more important, is Kid’s Kampus right for your child? We hope you’ll schedule a time to stop by the Kid’s Kampus near you and take a tour. We think you’ll discover what so many other parents have, that our preschool is a great place to have your child learn. Click here to schedule a tour or ask questions!

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