Thinking Of Switching Preschools? Now’s The Time!

If you have children who are school-aged (in addition to those you might have at a preschool or daycare center), you’re acutely aware of what time of year it is! The end of the school year is a crazy time, with end-of-the-year activities, performances, and award ceremonies. Everyone is rushing around trying to get stuff done, and sometimes parents have to attend different activities at different schools on the same night because everything seems to be happening at once this time of year.

You probably have a pretty good idea of where your older children are going to school next year. But if you have children who are in a daycare or preschool center, their daily lives might not change even as the summer schedule for older kids does. Your younger children will probably head to their private preschool the same as they always have, even if they end up aging out of one group and into another over the summer months.

But how happy are you with your child’s current preschool or daycare? Now that it’s summer, it might be a good time to rethink your plans if your child has been coming home and telling you that they’re not terribly excited to go back the next day. If you’re thinking of changing which early childhood education center your child attends, here are a few good reasons to move forward on that plan.

Summer Signals Change

Your young child is acutely aware of all the change going on around them. They’ll notice how older children are switching classes every year, and also note how the older child has “all this time off in summer.” Your younger child might be getting excited about the changes they see older siblings making as schedules go from school-based to summer-based.

While some children want to hold onto the way things are as much as possible, the changes they see as summer arrives might just be what they need to consider changing to a different preschool. The best thing you can do if they’re ready to change is to schedule a tour with possible preschools. (Clicking that link will let you contact someone at Kid’s Kampus about taking a tour of our seven early education centers in Burleson, Justin, Euless, and Bedford.)

Maybe You’re Looking For A Christian Preschool

Some parents are perfectly happy sending their children to a secular preschool for the first part of their lives. They don’t really think that it’s necessary to surround the child with Biblical elements before the child can even read. (We’d argue with that idea a bit, but we can understand their thinking.)

If you didn’t think it necessary to send your child to a Christian preschool at first, maybe now’s the time. Or if your child is bringing home ideas from a secular school that don’t jive with your beliefs, summer could be a good time to switch them over.

Maybe You’re Moving

People don’t tend to move houses much in fall and winter, instead waiting until spring and summer to move. If you move across town — whether to the same town or to another part of Fort Worth — you might not be able to make your old preschool work with the location of your new home. If that’s the case, then you don’t have any choice but to pick a new daycare center or preschool for your child. Luckily, we have seven locations to choose from!

Ready For A Change?

If so, we’d love to have your child every workday at our Christian preschool. We look forward to giving you a tour, so click here to set that up!

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