What Are The Advantages Of An After School Program?

Once your child has enjoyed our Christian daycare and been through a couple of years of our Christian preschool, they’ll head into kindergarten and beyond. Many parents who entrusted their children to us did so because they had to work a standard 8 am to 5 pm shift, and many schools — whether public or private — let out long before 5 pm. This means that children are often left with nothing to do and nowhere to go after work, and that can certainly cause problems for families.

That’s where after-school programs come in. In fact, Kid’s Kampus offers both after-school and before-school care so that parents and kids can get to work and school on time, respectively. In fact, we offer drop-off and pick-up from many elementary schools surrounding our seven Christian preschool locations, so click here to find your nearest Kid’s Kampus and find out if we serve your child’s school.

But what are the advantages of utilizing a before- and after-school program? Some kids could walk home, and others could be picked up by friends or relatives. Is there really any need for a dedicated place for them to be when they’re not at home or school? Here are three very good reasons to consider using our services.

Kids Have A Productive Place To Be

Some kids can handle being home alone. They’ll take care of getting themselves a snack and do all of their homework before you get home. Unfortunately, such kids are few and far between!

Most children need more than a little encouragement to stay away from the temptations that await them at home: junk food, video games, and smartphones. Instead of being home alone, kids will have a much more productive time at our before- and after-school programs. They’ll get outside to play, and they’ll be able to make friends outside of their school circle. They’ll also have healthy snacks (and the right amount of them).

But that’s not all! Children will also have lots of fun activities to engage in when they’re with us, activities that help them grow but don’t make them feel like they’re still in school. This includes computers and games, science and reading, and art and music.

Help With Homework

Homework seems to start at an earlier and earlier age. While it used to be that kids in fifth grade didn’t have to worry about it until they got to middle school, it’s now very common for kids in the third grade to be bringing home something they have to get done before the next school day.

That’s no problem when you work with Kid’s Kampus after-school program. We can help kids get their homework done while they’re still with us, instead of waiting until they get home. If the homework is done early, a) you don’t have to bother them about getting it done, b) they can help out around the house, and c) they can get to bed in good time. It’s a win for everyone!

Christian Surroundings

If you found this blog by looking for after-school programs, you might not realize that the rest of our facility is a daycare and preschool facility. And, in fact, it’s a Christian daycare and preschool.

While there’s no set Bible-based curriculum for before- and after-school programs, you may be happy to know that your child will still be in an environment that adheres to Bible-based principles. We’ll be treating everyone in our building with love and kindness, and are able to point to the Bible in order to fix problems that arise.

Ready To Give Your Child A Fun Place To Go Every Day?

Kid’s Kampus is ready to provide your child with the best before- and after-school care available in the Fort Worth area. Click here to find our nearest facility!

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