5 Ways Christian Child Care Helps Your Child Grow

Quick! Without thinking, answer these questions: What does caring for a child entail? At preschool and daycare, what needs of a child are being met? If you’re like most parents or guardians, the first thing that comes to mind is ensuring that the physical needs of the child are met. In other

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What To Consider When Picking A Christian Preschool

If you’ve decided to send your child to a Christian preschool — one that models church values to kids on a daily basis — then a big part of your search is over. Now that you’ve decided on a religious environment for your child, your search parameters have been reduced so that

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Teaching Kids How To Share On National Re-Gifting Day

It’s often thought of as tacky, but is it really? Regifting is the practice of individuals giving unused gifts that they received from others. Declared a national holiday by money management website, National Re-gifting day is celebrated each year on the third Thursday in December. The date was chosen because

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What Are The Advantages Of An After School Program?

Once your child has enjoyed our Christian daycare and been through a couple of years of our Christian preschool, they’ll head into kindergarten and beyond. Many parents who entrusted their children to us did so because they had to work a standard 8 am to 5 pm shift, and many

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Why Choose Christian Daycare And Preschool?

While Kid’s Kampus Preschool has seven locations in the Fort Worth area, including Justin, Euless, Colleyville, Bedford, and three in Burleson, we’re not the only early education center around. In fact, if you type “preschools near me” into a search engine, you’re sure to find many options. But how many Christian daycare

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Find Out How You Can Help Others On World Food Day

World Food Day is observed on the 16th of October each year. This day is celebrated to honor the date when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded in 1935. It is also recognized to raise awareness about hunger, as well as encourage the public to take

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Give Your Child An Exceptional Faith-Based Early Education